One-for-one Donations

One-for-one Donations

It’s great to finally have time to sit down and update the blog after a while away. After such a busy Christmas with markets, pop-ups and our new shop, we’re finally getting some time to think about what’s coming next for OSAS.

November and December sales were really good, so a big thank you from all of us on the team to all of you who support us. It’s also really positive to see tourism and sales picking back up for Sri Lanka and local businesses getting back on track. Thanks everyone!



Our biggest seller by far over Christmas was our new colouring book. We were really excited about this one and so glad that it got such a massive response that we decided to make a one-for-one donation for every colouring book sold in this time – a total of 106. We’ve been in contact with local charities to offer them free colouring books and stickers for children and teenagers, to be used either as a colouring book as well as a teaching resource.



We decided not to put this on the blog earlier as it’s not supposed to be an advertising point for OSAS – it’s something we would be doing with the books anyway. But, as it’s now happening we thought why not share it with all of you! Here’s some more information about the charities:



LEADS – Colombo
Based in Colombo LEAD acts as a respite and therapeutic centre for children in extreme circumstances. They take 16 children in every three months, so we have sent them all books and plan to keep doing so for all new arrivals.


Voice for Voiceless – Colombo
VFV have numerous projects around the island. The one we thought was better suited to receive our colouring books is the safe house in Rajagiriya. They provide day care to 38 children aged 2-12, giving their often single parents a chance to work whilst the children are in a protected, safe environment.


Eliya Children’s Home – Tangalle
The Eliya Children’s Home has been running for 12 years, giving full time protection and care to children aged 2-18, mainly orphans. They also offer a Kindergarden service which is also open and subsidised for children external to the project.


We hope you’re all having a great start to the year, wherever you may be!


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