Friends and Support

Friends and Support


It’s been a great weekend at Black Cat Café in Colombo with our Wild Collection pop-up, I hope you enjoy the photos on this post of the event. It was satisfying to see the whole collection together in a shop space and I’m very grateful for the kind words about it. Getting everything ready, setting up the space and taking it back down was a big task and it got me thinking.



I am not able to count the number of people that have been involved in developing and helping me launch and grow with Original Source and Supply in this last year. This isn’t down to my bad memory, but due to the sheer amount of them. So is a list of but a few of many more things I am grateful to people for.



  • Discussing ideas on a train to Jaffna over three years ago
  • Pushing me to do artworks I thought impossible with the time I had (they were done by morning and I had bags under my eyes!)
  • Sending messages of encouragement before pop-up shops, markets and any important event
  • Flying suitcases across oceans
  • Assuring me that if they didn’t like what I did they wouldn’t buy it



  • Talking me up other people when I was too shy to do so myself
  • Listening to HOURS of vacillation and immaculate timing of tea breaks
  • Delivering and picking up parcels all around Colombo and lately the whole of Sri Lanka
  • Dedicating hours to doing photoshoots and editing, taking it as seriously as if it were a shoot for a top magazine
  • Bringing round home made rice and curry



  • Checking and re-checking wording and artworks for handtags, lookbooks and the website no matter how long it’s been since we last spoke
  • Having a stern word with me saying ‘Martina, you have to make some money’. Knowing it takes some time for me to come round to things
  • Giving me a chance to try things even though they seemed crazy
  • Being top sales assistants at pop-up events giving me the chance to talk to people, safe in the knowledge that everything was all in good hands and dedicating full weekends to doing so
  • Showing unconditional support



Original Source and Supply is a one-woman company. But it would not have been possible without so many people’s involvement.

So thank you.


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